This Nebraska Restaurant Serves The Best Chicken Wings

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While fried chicken is synonymous with Southern cooking, did you know the idea of chicken wings was actually born in Buffalo, New York? Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of Anchor Bar, needed a late night snack for her, her son and his friends one night in 1964. She cooked up some leftover wings, a part of the chicken typically used to make broth at the time, and tossed them in hot sauce. They ended up being so good that Bellissimo added them to the bar's menu the very next day, plating them with celery slices and bleu cheese.

Now that you know the history, it's time to enjoy the best chicken wings in your state. Eat This, Not That! compiled a list of all the best restaurants serving chicken wings across America right now. They named Oscar's Pizza and Wings in Omaha as a must-visit spot for chowing down on some wings in Nebraska. Here's what they had to say about it:

Lots of pizzerias add wings to their menus as an afterthought. But Oscar's Pizza and Wings pays special attention to its poultry. The char-buffed wings are traditional wings finished on the grill to give the sauce a baked-on taste. The Thai Chili Bourbon sauce is Oscar's latest wing flavor.

Curious where to find the best chicken wings in the rest of the U.S.? Check out the full article here.

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