This Is Nebraska's Best Thanksgiving Side Dish

Happy African American family communicating while having Thanksgiving lunch in dining room.

Photo: Getty Images

Although turkey might be the centerpiece of many people's Thanksgiving feasts, we would argue the best parts of the meal are actually the sides. The sides are what makes every Thanksgiving dinner menu unique, as the dishes often vary depending on where you live in the United States.

That being said, there are a few side dishes that are beloved throughout the county: Mashed potatoes took the top spot as the most popular Thanksgiving side dish, while mac and cheese came in as the second most popular.

Eat This, Not That! recently cultivated a list of the best sides from each state. Here's how they compiled their data, with help from Zippia:

"Thanks to Zippia, which used Google Trends to determine the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes across the country, we have plenty of insight into T-Day trends. The biggest surprise? Although cranberry sauce is typically considered the quintessential Thanksgiving side dish, only one state favors the jellied sauce. Meanwhile, casseroles of all kinds are far more popular than some of us may have expected."

Without further ado, the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in Nebraska is: Green Bean Casserole, which keeps sense, due to the overwhelming affinity for casseroles in the midwest.

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