You Could Be Using Way Too Much Laundry Detergent

Laundry Day

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Here's an easy way to save a little cash: Stop using so much laundry detergent. There's a good chance you're overdoing it . . .

Someone talked to a few laundry experts, including Whirlpool's brand manager. And using too much soap can actually make your clothes LESS clean. 

Washing machines work by rubbing clothes together to remove dirt, and soap helps with that. But too much can make them so slick, there's not enough friction.

So how much detergent should you be using then? The answer is probably less than what the bottle recommends.

A small load might need as little as a TABLESPOON of detergent. Or two for larger loads. To put that in perspective, a shot glass is three tablespoons.

For high-efficiency washers, it's even less. As little as one TEASPOON for small loads, and two to three for bigger loads.

To start, try cutting their recommended amount in half, and see how your clothes look. Then dial it up or down if you need to. Less detergent can also prevent clothes from fading, and it's easier on your washing machine. 


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