Hormel Has Created A New Chili Cheese Beer

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If you're one of those people who say there's NO BEER, you won't try . . . Hormel Foods is upping the ante. This is a dip...turned sip creation.

Hormel has partnered with Modist Brewing out of Minnesota to create "Hormel Chili Cheese Brew." Yes, it's a "chili-cheese spiced" beer. The label says it "pairs well with recliners, gaming, and late-night snack attacks."

Modist describes it as a "chili cheese dip-inspired, corn chip flavored, crushable American Lager" . . . created with "a mix of savory spices and hints of cheddar cheese powder." 

It's available online at HormelChiliCheeseBrew.com while supplies last. 

A four-pack costs $12, which isn't bad . . . BUT you'll also have to pay for shipping, and that will double the cost. They say it will ship in time for the Super Bowl on February 12th. 


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