Jake Owen Kicks Off The Weekend With Must-Listen 'Toe Tapper'

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Jake Owen kicked off the weekend with his latest “toe tapper,” an upbeat anthem called “My Boots Miss Yours.” 

“We had a hell of a time last night / Kicking sawdust in the neon light / A little toe to toe when I took you home/ Took our time saying goodbye/ I woke up they were looking so sad/ So I called ‘cause I gotta ask / What you doing right now ‘cause / Someone’s missing you bad/ Might sound crazy but my Luccheses/ Are waiting there by the door/ Yeah they’re wearing me out they wanna go now
“My boots miss yours/ From the heel down to the toe/ It’s like they got a hole down in their soles/ Never felt like this before/ My boots miss yours/ What ya say we get ‘em back together/ Make a little trail of clothes and leather/ Let ‘em hang out on the bedroom floor/ My boots miss yours”

“My Boots Miss Yours” is Owen’s latest song to release following a few singles last year, including “1x1,” “Up There Down Here,” and “Fishin’ On A River.” Owen confirmed earlier this week that he’d have new music, including on his new TikTok account.

Owen made a memorable debut on “the TikTok” this week: “Hi, my name is Jake Owen. I’m now on the TikTok. I am doing this in my own volition. I promise, no one is making me do this, or forcing me. You can follow me @jakeowen. And my new song, ‘My Boots Miss Yours,’ is out this Friday. Go get it. Stream it, please.”

Listen to “My Boots Miss Yours” here:

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