Have You Watched the "Slowest Sprinter Ever" Video Yet?

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Now I know what I'd look like if I got to compete in the Olympics:  Have you seen the "slowest sprinter ever" video yet?

Something called the World University Games is going on right now in China.  They're kind of like the Olympics, but just for college athletes.

On Monday, there was a women's 100-meter race.  And the footage is all over social media because one of the runners wasn't up to snuff.  She wasn't a trained athlete, just a normal person. 

Her name is Nasco Abukar Ali.  She's from Somalia.  And it turns out she shouldn't have been there at all.  Someone pulled strings to get her in.

She ran the race in just under 22 seconds . . . about half as fast as everyone else.  The winner ran it 11 seconds faster, and second-to-last finished 8 seconds ahead of her.

After the video went viral, Somalia suspended the woman who heads their athletics program.  She was the one who put her in the race.  Turns out the runner might be her NIECE.  

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