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After MidNite with Granger Smith

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Jason Aldean's Math Skills Don't Add Up

Jason Aldean is proving that math test scores aren't always the be-all and end-all for success.

With a net worth of over $100 million, Jason sat down with Cody Alan to reveal that math was never a strong suit.

As Jason readies himself to send his kids back to school, he is also preparing himself to help with homework – but only in certain subjects.

"The thing is, I have been out of school for a long-time, man, and I wasn't that good at it when I was going all of the time," laughs the "Blame It On You" singer. "I was helping [my daughter] with one of her math papers, which was my worst subject in school. I was checking her paper. Well, she took it to school and got three wrong."

"From then on, if you have math, have your momma check these," Jason jokes. "If you have anything that has to do with English or history, I am your man, but math was not my strong point."

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