brad marchand nhl boston bruins

brad marchand nhl boston bruins

If you have watched the Boston Bruins of the NHL play a game, you are well aware of the antics of Brad Marchand.

He is arguably the NHL's king agitator. A self-described "pest". He gets under the skin of every opponent and most of their fans. He has crossed the line more than a few times.

One of my favorite websites is The Players Tribune. The site features articles written by professional athletes. These articles give you a look into the psyche of the pros from many sports.

In a recent article, Marchand discussed why he plays the way his plays. It has a little to do with his little brother and a little to do with the fact that he was only 5'9" when he was drafted by the Bruins.

Even if you are not a hockey fan, this is a great story of "why". But, far from justification of his play.


Marchand has been suspended six times (missing 75 games) by the NHL for his aggressive style of play. He has also received multiple fines. Between missed games and fines, Marchand has given up $1.7 million.

Here is an example of a hit that got him suspended.

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