Tips to be smarter with your money

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

If a few extra expenses have blown your budget way beyond repair, you’re not alone. We can plan and plan, but unexpected things will always come up in life. So here are some personal finance hacks to help us get our bank accounts back in the black and keep us there in the future.

Don’t spend what you don’t make - Credit cards can be helpful when you need them, but it’s tough to pay off that balance every month and you don’t want to have to dip into savings to do it.

Spread out your expenses - Do the best you can to space out payments for things you know you’ll have to buy. Like if you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, buy a gift one month, pay for your dress another, and your travel expenses the next. That way you don’t have to come up with that cash all at once.

Delete your credit card from apps - That way when you want food delivered or a car service ordered, you have to take the extra step to place the order. And having to stop and enter the card number could help you decide you don’t want to spend the money after all.

Use cash instead of cards - Start your week with a predetermined amount of cash and spend it as you want throughout the week. Having to hand over your hard earned money and physically seeing it leave your hands makes you more attached to it than swiping a card.

Cut down on expenses - Manis, pedis, brunch, new shoes, and frequent trips to the salon for blowouts take a lot of money. Decide what’s important and cut back where you can and you’ll be amazed by the savings.

Source: My Domaine

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