What is the dirtiest thing in a hotel room? It's not the toilet

When we’re packing for a trip, we’re always happy to leave our hair dryers behind because we know the hotel will provide one for us. But after hearing this, you might want to start packing your own again.

When ABC News did some investigating into the cleanliness of hotel rooms, they found out the nasty truth about hair dryers. Basically, they’re germier than a toilet seat! And it does kind of make sense because hotel toilets are cleaned regularly. But hair dryers? Not so much.

Microbiologist Chuck Gerba swabbed nine hotel room items at hotels ranging in price from about $80 to around $400 and found the same nastiness in all of them. He says, “There must be some things you can do with a hair dryer that I am not aware of because some of them were pretty germy.”

Hotel housekeepers focus on the biggies when they’re cleaning a room - the sheets (hopefully, anyway!), the bathroom, and the sink. They’re in a hurry and that hairdryer just doesn’t get the attention it deserves. So you’re probably better off just bringing your own from now on, or wiping that thing down with some Clorox wipes before using it

Source: Mirror

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