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These Pets are up for a Hambone Award and you won't believe what they did!

Brown dog and tabby cat smelling food at a table

Photo: WebSubstance / iStock / Getty Images

Nationwide Insurance has announced its finalists for the 2023 Hambone Award, which highlights the most unusual pet insurance claims of the year. 

They include:

  • Giles, a New York cat who was closed into a folding couch
  • Josie, a California dog who ran into a set of metal bleachers while chasing a ball
  • Sunny, a Labrador who managed to shimmy his crate 5 feet across a room so he could eat three phone charger cords.

All 12 finalists recovered from their injuries and one will take home the Hambone trophy. The winner's owner will also receive a gift card and Nationwide will make a donation to the charity of their choice.

See the other finalists and vote on the Hambone Award HERE

Photo: Getty Images

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