Steve & Gina in the Morning

Steve & Gina in the Morning

Steve & Gina are proud to be part of the Kat Country Community. Listen weekdays from 5:30am-10:00am Full Bio

Steve is now heavily into stocks (Joke of the Day)

Physical challenges and illness didn't stop this couple from marriage (Smile File)

A community makes sure this couple gets married, even though they are dealing with tremendous physical needs and can't afford the ceremony.

Nudist colony for intellectuals (Joke of the Day)

Two intellectual nudists were chatting...

Hotel staff takes good care of toddler's lost stuffed puppy (Smile File)

HEAR about the steps this kind hotel staff took to care for a stuffed puppy left behind by a toddler. And, how they helped the toddler.

Someone should have watched Little Johnny at the church fish fry (Joke of the Day)

Little Johnny thought he would help out at the church fish fry by making a sign!

Indiana neighbors step up for elderly veteran living in his car (Smile File)

An elderly veteran lost his home in a fire a couple years ago and has been living in his car. Area residents wanted to help.

Romantic advice from Dr. Love (Steve Lundy)

For Valentine's Day, Steve(uh, Dr. Love), has some relationship advice.

Transplant patient's brother falls in love with his donor (Smile File)

When a transplant patient's brother went to thank the donor he fell in love.

Steve's scientist cousin gets engaged (Joke of the Day)

Steve gets a call from his cousing who is a scientist. He tells Steve he is engaged.

Teen with Down syndrome nails this cheerleader routine! (Smile File)

A teen with Down syndrome was cut by her high school cheer squad, but absolutely nails the routine in the school gym!