Steve & Gina in the Morning

Steve & Gina in the Morning

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Amazon-sized problem at Steve's house (Joke of the Day)

What happens after this 10-year-old enters college makes our SMILE FILE

Hear what happens after this 10-year-old enters college.  It is truly amazing! (Photo: Getty Images)

LaVista West Miss Smitz Class

Gina's mom gives her sage advice on love (Joke of the Day)

Gina's mom gives her some sage advice for seeking a man. (Photo: Getty Images)

Man buys part of an amusement park that he loved growing up (Smile File)

A man was sad when the waterpark he loved growing up was closed.  So, he bought part of it! (Photo: Getty Images)

Grooming the moon (Joke of the Day)

A grooming question for our lunar friends.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Third grader saves a life thanks to something he saw in a movie (Smile File)

Thankfully, this third grader was paying attention while watching a recent movie.  It ended up being a lifesaver!  (Photo: Getty Images)

This old man really impresses his much younger date (Joke of the Day)

An old man's spending binge on his much younger girlfriend led to two entirely different reactions!  (Photo: Getty Images)

An animal to help you with school? (Smile File)

This school system found a way to have animals help struggling students.  (Photo: Getty Images)

The frolicking tortoises (Joke of the Day)

Do tortoises talk about each other behind their backs?  (Getty Photo)