The do's and don'ts of workplace etiquette

We all know there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to office etiquette although managers and employees don't seem to agree on what they see as the biggest offenses.

A new poll by AccounTemps finds that senior managers say running late or missing meetings is the most common breach of business etiquette committed by staffers (34%), followed by not responding to calls or emails in a timely manner (26%), and gossiping about co-workers (23%). But when you ask workers, they say the most common offense is talking about colleagues (24%), followed by being distracted during meetings (18%), and not responding to work communication in a timely fashion (17%).

Regardless of which offense you find to be the biggest breach, the study suggest workers would benefit from being more courteous to their coworkers. In fact, 65% of managers and 46% of workers say such common courtesy can lead to career advancement.

But advancing in the company doesn’t necessarily mean those folks will keep their good office manners. The study finds that while 61% of leaders say professionals become more courteous as they advance, 48% of employees say politeness actually declines with career advancement. 

Source: Accountemps

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