Tips to help you live in the moment!

Living in the moment is easier said than done. With that in mind, Elite Daily has compiled a list of five easy ways to get in touch with your inner #YOLO. Here they are:

  1. Humor is key. Try writing down three funny things that happen in your life each day.
  2. Be aware of your body. Start simply with doing a scan of your body parts; it will take you out of your head and into the embodiment of the present moment.
  3. Stop thinking about past mistakes. If regrets seem to plague you during the day, recognize the thoughts, say thank you, and experiment with moving on. 
  4. Make your own affirmations. Starting your day with your own affirmation (not someone else's) will set you up for a positive day. 
  5. Stop making comparisons. Consider the standards you are holding yourself and others to, and if it's actually realistic, and if it's actually worth it.

How To Live In The Moment & Be Happy If You're Always Thinking 1 Step Ahead

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