HR reveal the most incriminating social media platform

As we previously told you, a recent CareerBuilder survey found that 70% of employers admit to using social media to screen candidates, with 57% of employers saying they found content on social media that made them not hire a candidate for a job. Well, according to a new survey, there’s one particular social media platform that is more likely to get in the way of you getting that gig.

A poll by HR solutions firm Paychex finds that Facebook is by far the social media account hiring managers scrutinize the most. In fact, 85% of managers check Facebook when vetting potential employees, while 66% check LinkedIn and 40% delve into Twitter and Instagram feeds.

The reason they may focus on Facebook is because that seems to be the platform where HR managers find the most problems. Overall, two in three managers say the most incriminating information about job applicants can be found on Facebook, while only 10% say the same about Twitter and Instagram, and only 4% say that about LinkedIn.

As for why Facebook is so incriminating, nobody’s sure, but a Paychex rep says it could be that because people post so much stuff on it “it can difficult to keep track of everything you’ve liked or posted.”

Source: Moneyish

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