4 Tips for Breaking Up With Someone in the Nicest Way Possible

Breaking up with someone can be really difficult--but there are ways to make it less painful for both parties. With that in mind, Elite Daily has compiled a list of four tips that will help the break up go as smoothly (and nicely) as possible. Here they are:

  1. Don’t break up with them via text. Being broken up with over text can add an extra sting to an already very painful situation
  2. Don’t leave them with false hope. Even if you think there is a chance you could get back together someday, don't share that idea with them when you're breaking up with them. 
  3. It’s kinder to be direct. Being wishy-washy makes the breakup harder for the other person. 
  4. Don’t confuse things by trying to comfort them. You may feel like you owe it to them because you broke up with them, but it's better for them if they find support from their friends and family. 

Breaking Up In The Nicest Way Possible Isn’t Easy, But Here’s How Experts Say To Deal

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