13 common mistakes you’re probably making while cleaning your house

BuzzFeed has compiled a list of 13 common mistakes you’re probably making while cleaning your house. Here they are:

  • You're mopping your wood floors. Too much water can discolor or damage wood floors. 
  • You’re using dryer sheets in every load. Dryer sheets can actually reduce the absorbency of your towels, sheets and t-shirts. 
  • You’re using an acid to clean your marble countertops. Vinegar, Windex and bleach will all dull your marble. 
  • You’re mixing bleach with other cleaning products. The only thing you should really be mixing bleach with is laundry detergent and/or a tiny bit of dish soap. 
  • You’re tossing your bras in the dryer. Machine washing and drying is bad for bras as both can stretch the elastic and bend the hooks out of shape. 
  • You’re dusting with a feather duster. It doesn't do much more than move the dust around. 
  • You’re washing your windows on a sunny day. Pro tip: When glass dries too quickly, it streaks.
  • You’re scrubbing stains out of carpet or upholstery as hard as you can. Keep blotting until the area is as dry as you can get it. After that, it all depends on the kind of stain. 
  • You’re putting your makeup brushes back in their cup to dry after washing. The water will seep into the brush and ruin the glue that holds your bristles together. Plus, they'll probably start to smell.
  • You’re not cleaning out the lint screen in your dryer after every load. You should also give it a proper wash once or twice a year (or whenever it's visibly dirty). 
  • You’re using harsh cleaners on your stainless steel. Besides being pretty easy to scratch, stainless steel really doesn't need much more than a wipe down with mild soap and water.
  • You’re not letting your pans cool before washing them. Any extreme change in temperature will cause the metal to warp. 
  • You’re using a sponge to clean your home. Sponges soak up and spread around bacteria, so if you're using the same one for the whole house you're just moving germs around. 

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