Man helps Mom at Dr.'s office

A picture of a man holding a baby while a woman is sitting down filling out paperwork has gone viral. Natasha Crittenden Wilson was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor office in Alabama when a mother walked in with a sleeping baby.

After the mom checked in at the reception desk, she sat down with a clipboard full of forms to fill out. “[As] she goes to sit down you could just hear thinking, ‘Now how am I going to do this?’” Natasha told Inside Edition. Then from across the room, she witnessed an elderly man offer to hold the baby. She gladly took him up on the offer.

After sharing a pic of the older white man holding the Black mother’s one year old, Natasha captioned the post, “Racism is still very real in our society, but this man has provided me with hope & a sweet memory that I will never forget. If you know this man, tell him what an extraordinary person he is!”

The snapshot got over a million views in just three days. Apparently Natasha caught up with the gentleman after the post went viral. He told her he’s never thought about race or color and all the children he knows call him “Papa Joe.” His wife even jokingly calls him the “child magnet.”

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