What it takes to be a good host

The holiday season is here, which means a lot of folks will be hosting parties and guests in the coming weeks, and let’s face it, being a good host isn’t always easy. Well, a new survey reveals just what it takes to be a good host, and after hearing it you may want to cancel your next bash. 

The poll finds that it takes a whopping three hours of work to get the average home ready for guests to visit, with cleaning the top thing most people do (85%). Other things folks do to get their home ready for guests include:

  • Prepare food (69%)
  • Declutter (58%)
  • Restock toilet paper in bathroom (54%)
  • Light scented candles (47%)
  • Bake delicious treats (45%)
  • Do the laundry (43%)
  • Brew fresh coffee (38%)
  • Put out fresh flowers (27%)
  • Tackle last minute home improvement projects (24%)

So, are guests really noticing all the work people put in? Well, the survey finds that the top three things guests notice are delicious food, home décor and yummy baked goods. What’s more, 49% of people say they were so impressed by something they saw at someone else’s home when they were a guest that they actually copied it. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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