Single School Resource Officer Adopts 2 Kids At His School

A school resource officer in Ohio was used to living the bachelor life, but now he’s a single dad to two teenage boys. Ryan Patton has now adopted the kids he met as students when they were in foster care and weren’t showing up for school.

The 42-year-old first-time dad says his step into parenting came as a fluke. He met Brad when he had been missing from school for two months and was found in juvenile court. Patton joked with Brad’s caseworker that he wished he had his foster parent license so he could take him in and Child Protective services helped make it happen.

Patton later took in another student, a 15-year-old named Nick. They knew each other from school as well, also because Nick wasn’t coming to class. Both boys have now been adopted by Patton and they’re doing much better in their new family. The kids have become close, like brothers, and their dad says, “We call ourselves a herd.”

Source: WLWT